Video: Reggie Lewis' 36 points lead Celtics past Cavs on this date during 1992 playoffs

On this date in 1992, Reggie Lewis scored 36 points as the Celtics defeated the Cavs in Game 3 of their Eastern Conference semifinals playoff series. Lewis would add 7 assists, which at the time put him in very rare company as only Larry Bird and John Havlicek had ever accomplished that feat prior. Lewis would end up averaging 28.1 point per game for the 7 game series, which the Celtics unfortunately lost to the Cavs.

The Cavs had some really solid teams back at that time. There was just too much competition in the Eastern Conference during that period. Also the Ron Harper for Danny Ferry trade didn't help. The Cavs would end up losing to the Bulls in the ECF 4 games to 2. Of course the Bulls would then win their second championship that season.

Couple of other notes: Love seeing Larry Bird (who was out injured) cheering so hard for his young teammate from the bench! And Craig Ehlo has been having to relive once again "The Shot," thanks to The Last Dance documentary, but I'm pretty sure he had some nightmares over Reggie as well. Lewis gave Ehlo the business this series.