Calling BS on Isiah Thomas throwing the Celtics under the bus last night

Last night the former Detrot Pistons guard tried to throw the Boston Celtics under the bus on The Last Dance by defending their walk-off snub of the Bulls in 1991 by saying everyone did it before; that the Celtics did it to the Pistons in '88. That's rather disingenuous on Thomas' part.
Such an apples to oranges situation. Back in 1988 they still let fans storm the court. Players wouldn't stick around to exchange pleasantries with the other team, nor would they have the chance. Both teams would get the F out of dodge as soon as they could. As you can see from the video, the Pistons all ran immediately to the locker room when the buzzer sounded to avoid getting mobbed.

According to Celtic assistant coach at the time Jon Jennings, head coach K.C. Jones instructed the Celtics starters to head to the locker room for safety reasons. Regardless, if they had stuck around there would be no opportunity to shake the Pistons hands since everyone was running to the locker room at the final buzzer.
In 1991 the Bulls won the series in Detroit. Pistons fans weren't going to rush the court to congratulate the Bulls. Isiah Thomas has previously admitted that their players purposely got together and decided to snub the Bulls (see video below).

I can understand why Isiah is still salty about being left off the Dream Team, but he has himself partly to blame for due to the All-Star game freeze of Jordan and the '91 walk-off snub. Get out of here with the revisionist history now Isiah. And leave the Celtics out of your mouth.