Video: The 2020 NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Competition

Last night's slam dunk contest actually had a bunch of fun dunks. I feel like Jones' dunks had a lot of similarity to them while Gordon's (and Connaughton for that matter) were more unique. I don't know if Gordon deserved a 50 with his dunk over Tacko, but I am pretty sure that I would never have trusted Wade to be an honest judge and if you watch the video at the bottom of this post, you will likely decide he was the one who screwed Gordon.

Like the last time the dunk contest was in Chicago, where Dominique Wilkins got robbed in the Finals when he didn't get a 50 and then Michael Jordan landed a 50 with a repeated dunk, this year's results will be contested for some time. I guess Chicago has a history of voting issues/fraud/rigged elections/ shady politics, etc. So maybe this was fitting. Still worth a watch if you missed it.

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