Green Envy: What Magic fans said, 2/5

The Boston Celtics handled the Orlando Magic 116-100 for their fifth straight win on Wednesday night. Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Gordon Hayward combined for 74 points, and the Boston bench added a nice boost with 29 points. Let's see what the Orlando fans had to say about the loss!


How this season has gone for me:
First 10 games, watched them in full. Next 10 games, had the game on but not fully paying attention. Games 21-30, I boxscore checked to see if anything changed, and they didn't. Games 31-40, the team sapped my love for basketball, I can no longer watch. Games 41-50, I come to Reddit to congratulate us on our loss. (Nothing like a little pre-game optimism!)


We're 100% losing this game with the Celtics missing a ton of players. (Have some hope man, this was literally posted in the first 5 minutes of the game)

The Celtics G league team is killing us right now

Tacko Fall confirmed Hall of Famer... Can we do a Mo/Tacko swap? (Never, but also, maybe)

Starting to settle for jumpers..

Grant Williams has more grit in his talentless little finger than Bamba has in his entire blessed-by-God body. (Thick God)

Jesus, Bamba is pretty bad sometimes. Most of the time. Sometimes he shows the potential we drafted him for, true, but he mostly just sucks (But there was a song written about him!!!)

Alright trade Bamba that's it he's literally a dumbass I've never seen a 7'1 center with 7'10 wingspan get blocked by someone who isn't even near him WTF

We need more from the center position tonight. Vooch on offense has been bad

Most teams burn Kanter by putting him in the pick and roll but we have done that like what once?

AG shows up for games in Los Angeles and Boston...but couldn’t care less in other cities? Interesting

AG having his best game of the year on the eve of the trade deadline. ❤️ It. Maybe we can pry Dlo from GSW (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Vucevic is just too damn slow, both physically and the speed at which he makes decisions, and it gets exploited against actual good teams like Boston. I don't think he's always been this bad so I don't know what's going on

Win or lose I feel blessed to hear Hubie talk about our guys. (Yikes)

I hate living in Boston having to listen to Tommy Heinshon’s bias (It's not bias when we smack you)

Bro Fultz has been sloppy today

Can we just play on national TV every night so AG plays amazing consistently

Gordon with a quick decisive move and his guy was frozen in place and Aaron didn't even notice it for a second because he was so locked in place as to what he was going to do. That's my entire issue with Aaron. He makes his mind up and does it, no matter how the defense reacts. He had positive results this time around but I really wish he used his head more

I want Fultz to be aggressive. I swear this dude could average 20 a night. But he literally takes 10 shots a game.

Jaylen brown seems like a good dude

The court is so spread for Boston compared to us

Letting the defender get killed on the pick. My favorite defensive strategy by yours truly Steve Clifford

I wish AG would just suck and stop showing these flashes. It would make it so easy to just say trade him, but he could be a All Star man. Just need the right team around him.


When people say that Bamba is a good defender because he is a great shot blocker I point out that drive by Tatum as an example of him being a poor rim protector. He has great timing on blocks but he has poor defensive instincts. All he can do is go for blocks and if he gets it great, but most times he doesn't.

Bruh fire Clifford, Birch is an actual dumpster fire

Bamba fan club: my negative karma will still be higher than Mo's plus minus after this game.

This is why we can’t trade AG. He’s a real spark plug when he plays his game

As of late I’ve really failed to see Cliff’s defensive minded head coach skills come into play

At least we look confident out there right now. Our only real issue is interior defense at the moment.

Mo Bamba is watching these 13 year old girls playing at halftime wistfully, knowing he could dominate (LOL)

What can the MCW-Ross-Wes-Clark-Bamba lineup do besides 3’s from Ross

Nice to get at least one national coverage game (What a sad existence)

Tatum just turned 21.. kids really gonna be a superstar (YEAH BABYYYYYY)

Gordon Hayward midrange vs AG midrange is night and day (Gordon on Gordon violence)

When Aaron plays like he should he’s my favorite player. When he’s taking terrible fade aways and forced shots not so much. Keep playing like this

Tatum having one of those games. Annoying but can’t do anything about it, still annoying (I found it divine)

Grant Williams is playing better against us this game than Mo has ever played in a single game in his two years here. (Thick God)

Do we really want to face the Bucks in the playoffs to get blown out worse than any team in NBA history in the playoffs? Id rather ship everyone off except a few guys and just miss the playoffs and reassess this offseason. This is pathetic.

I hate that the East is so bad that our sorry team gets to make it to the playoffs. We don't deserve it

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