Green Envy: What Pelicans Fans Had to Say (1/11/2020)

The Celtics bounced back from a three-game losing streak in a commanding win over the New Orleans Pelicans behind a career night from Jayson Tatum (41 pts, 6 rebs, 4 asts, 3 stls).  As for the team overall, they did not give the Pelicans (14-26) nor their fans a lot to celebrate as they pretty much won the game as early as the first quarter. Here is what Pelicans fans had to say...

Some pre-game false hope 

Winning this game would seriously make my whole year.

This is a super tough game to win... if we win I'm calling it - we'll also go far in the playoffs

Ball gonna shutdown Tatum and show who is the real number 2 pick.

Time for lonzo's revenge tour

If the Pels can beat Denver on the road, they can do the same to Boston.


It's time for Tatum Talk Live! from New Orleans

Oh yeah the Tatum vs Ingram debate is getting crazy on Twitter. They're roasting the hell out of Ingram.... Tatum playing he has something to prove.

We need to defend this Tatum kid

Tatum is a stud

Tatum is eating us alive right now

Can y'all start trapping Tatum?

PLAY SOME F*CKING DEFENSE. Tatum who shoots 42% from the damn field is killing us on his own. Get the ball out of his damn hands.

Hopefully Tatum starts shooting like he has all season and starts bricking shots since we have no one to guard him.

Tatum just making Ingram look bad.... wtf

Tatum wants to put up 40 on Ingram's head...

The excuses phase was brief for the Pelicans 

Damn Kemba is an extreme flopper

Celtics getting away with a loooot I hate that parquet floor. There's all kinds of dead and live spots that f*cks with the visitors' dribble.

We don't get any calls.

These refs make me want to f*cking scream

We are outmanned and outreffed. F*CK THE REFS

These boston commentators are pieces of bias sh*t

And then, some depressing realizations...

They're shooting 57% from the field and 75% from 3. It's not the refs.

Jesus Christ when was the last time they missed a shot

How is Jah getting bodied down low by Kemba????? He has like a foot and 100 lbs on him.

well a 15 point game after playing like sh*t is better than nothing

Not a terrible half for how short handed we are. 72 points in a half is bad tho

BI getting his lunch money took this game lol.

This is ugly. How can BI say he'd beat Tatum and brown 15-0 then play like this smh. Getting absolutely Exposed

Bro pels playing like they’re hungover as f*ck lol

I hope our confidence does not falter in the following games because this sh*t is demoralizing

Y'all this is just... I need a drink.

Celtics are so damn good

We're just playing the long con for when we face Boston is next year's finals.

And finally...the most interesting comment of the game goes too:

Am I having a Berenstain/Berenstein Bears moment where the Celtics logo always had black hair or did it have red and it was changed?

The Celtics next game take place Monday, January 13th against the Chicago Bulls at 7:30 p.m. eastern standard time.

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