Green Envy: What Spurs Fans Said: 11/9

Having been a witness to the majority of the San Antonio Spurs' dynasty over the past couple of decades, it always feels pretty good to get a win over old Pop, but I can't act like we just beat Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and the rest of the crew. That being said, you have to kind of feel bad for those Spurs fans out there, as they are currently in the middle of a post dynasty depression and slowly declining with every season. Here's a brief look at the emotional roller coaster they were put through tonight after the Celtics smoked the Spurs 135-115. 

The predictable anti-Boston sports pregame banter 

Enjoy busting out in the playoffs like you guys do every season lol. Y'all can't even win in the pisss easy east.

Imagine thinking Spurs fans care about a Celtics fans opinion :)

I was really hoping the Celtics would have a much worse season. It sucks seeing their fans this happy.

Celtics are lacking depth at the big man position but Hayward is playing at an all-star level. LaMarcus will have a higher rebounding game that will add extra possessions for the Spurs which leads to a close win. Great mid-range matchup with DeRozen and Tatum

Some Pregame LaMarcus Aldridge Hype (he finished with 3 points) 

Release the LMAAAAAAA

He SHOULD feast this game.

Celtics should be easy buckets for LMA as long as he balls today and no team turnovers we should be good.

Sad Fandom Realizations As a Result of a Bad Outing (we've all been there)

We are smack bang average

Pop saying I wish we traded Leonard for you two

Why people find it hard to recognize Pop is stubborn is beyond me

You can't fix lack of effort

The refusal to go into the damn hoop lmao

Literally only watching for Lonnie and Metu. This is the most disgusting non-playoffs non-high stakes Spurs game I think I've ever had the displeasure of sitting through. Holy shit this was awful.

I love this team and coaching staff..... BUT this was fucken awful and embarrassing. every player in the rotation had a minus, except for Marco... LMA is somewhere else, DD play some damn defense or get our of here...... just awful..... Pop you need to run better rotations....Just awful showing today.

I've just been refreshing my Spurs app to check the score bc I can't watch this. Hurts my heart.


The team knows they arent that good.

Just Wow

Ok we have given up already. Disgustingly disappointing.


we playing the warriors rn

Spurs and getting f**ked by above average teams - name a better duo

Some in-game LaMarcus Aldrige Disappointment (again, he finished with 3 points)

I don’t really mind it if LA isn’t out there hunting for his shots but at least play defense and facilitate if you’re not gonna be scoring. Learn from Timmy!

Can I ask to the Spurs fans why LaMarcus can make a perfect game like last one, and today plays as a role player?? How he can put the best numbers and next game do nothing??

He played like a scrub.

This game is mostly on Pop and LaMarcus to be honest

Metu looks better than LMA and Poeltl combined today

We're all gonna forget that LMA gets paid to do nothing

F**k LMA

Metu going 2 pts 3 rebs in 4 mins meanwhile, Aldridge

How does LA go from 39 to 3 ffs

even though LMA dropped 39 the other night I'm leaning towards acknowledging that he's washed. Games like that are probably few and very far between

You know what's really annoying about pop? If the young guys make a mistake he'll chew them out and benches them but he let's aldridge pout, be soft and look like he doesn't care and won't say shit bring back the guy that would scream at timmy and tony.

LMA out here doing his best Nightcrawler impression. Disappearing right in front of our eyes.

ALDRIDGE NEEDS TO STEP UP. We have two all stars, and one plays like a 12th man every other game.

You don't have to take your anger out on the white mamba

no one cares abt ya hair mr celtics announcer

Every superfan has that one home team player they can't stand 

If you're a superfan, you'll relate easily:

my god (Lonnie) walker is bad

Marco is a selfish mf

Marcos is lost on defense. Plays worse than a rookie

I said it before I'll say it again.. Bryn Forbes should not be starting

And then there's always the optimist 

Sometimes it's good to suck for a bit. It makes for a good learning experience eg last November. Let the coaching staff do their thing.

I've decided that Lonnie will win this game for us, and will be bitterly disappointed if that does not happen.

It's skywalker time

Last and certainly least 

Aldridge for Jaylen Brown and Robert Williams who says no
--> The Celtics do lol.

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