Green Envy: What Hornets fans said; 11/7

In an emotional game with Kemba Walker returning to Charlotte for the first time since joining the Boston Celtics as a free agent, the C's were able to come away with a workman-like victory 108-87, extending their winning streak to six games. The Celtics outscored the Hornets in three of the four quarters, and, understandably, the Charlotte fans had some mixed feelings about their prodigal son returning home wearing a new jersey. Let's take a look at what they had to say!


FUCK THE CELTICS (Well that escalated quickly)

Metric ton of Boston fans here tonight wow

ROZIER REVENGE GAME. Let's get it! We been winning. Tonight we winning again.

We matchup well w boston, basically bc they don't have a center who can abuse us and we should be able to abuse Kemba's perimeter defense and get some nice looks.

Can’t believe we’re on TNT. First nationally televised Charlotte game I’ve ever seen. Ready for all the bad takes by Shaq Chuck EJ Kenny. SO EXCITED

Don’t think I’ve ever wanted us win a game more than this one.
Call me a sour loser but I’m still bitter K left us.
Plus I think we matchup well with them anyway. Looking forward to seeing PJ post up Washington and Williams


Good news is we didn’t start down 10 like every other game b4 newdad comes in

I hope we get good one day. It's lowkey embarrassing how literally nobody cares about us. And the arena is pretty much silent in the only nationally televised game of the year

Why did it have to be the Celtics of all teams? Ah well, at least we’ll blow them out tonight

Alright folks, I think I brought enough tissues for everyone

Bad starts from our PGs normally doesn't bode very well for us. Hopefully those two can get some offensive rhythm and get things rolling for us. Pretty good start from Miles though.

Yeah Malik on Tatum isn’t gonna work

What is going on? Did the Monstars visit the locker room before the game?

Hayward getting whatever he wants with some off ball movement.

Man I shit on this Boston team for their big man depth but being able to bring Smart off the bench and have him play off Kemba is so unfair

Good news we are only down 10 after the worst stretch I’ve seen us play

Our D has been good the last few mins but our offense is trash

Bacon is really terrible with the ball in his hands / playmaking. It's a shame because I really like him. But as a wing, he should never ever handle the ball this much

The Hornets can't do anything right so far. Can't shoot, can't defend, can't pass, and can't even dribble. Are they scared to be playing on national TV?

Can we please just try a small ball lineup against a tram that goes small themselves. We struggle to score with Biz on the court man. And he’s doing a fine job. But Marvin as the screening big is just better

I’ve said all season I’m gonna offer Rozier the benefit of the doubt. Thinking that’s pretty much over after this half of “basketball”.

Terry Rozier is another Lance Stephenson signing, a ton of hype the year before. Not really good. Man I wish we could have seen how good devonte was gonna be. Much better than rozier

It's a tough game for both Kemba and Terry. That's understandable. Stop pissing on Terry he's been much more than ok so far for us this season. There is too much overreaction. But i mean, it's also part of being a fact to overreact. Anyway, let's win this.

This game is a like a seesaw. Plus Bridges and Graham look great!

Honestly I know it sounds it stupid but most of this ain't even like outstanding boston defense or anything. Some of our guys just look too out of control for the occasion

This is just how good Boston is. A few missed buckets from us, they make some tough shots and now they’re up 13 again. They’ve got stupid amounts of offensive talent

Down only 9 after that mess is actually a gift


Rozier is just trying too hard. this isn't going to be a good night.

What are we even doing rn... I wish we wouldn't actively hurt ourselves by starting Rozier/Bacon together

Hayward starting to look like a boss

We were always gonna have games like this this year but it sucks it's like the one national game we get

Hopefully this game gives us the national exposure for more people to call out JB on starting Terry. Look at that garbage stat line

Cant wait for all the pundits to declare we're the worst team in the league based off the one game their bum asses decide to watch

Is Miles living rent free in Smart’s head? Didn’t know he was a real estate investor at his age.

Boston has good defensive players and you can't be one dimensional and obvious against them

Seeing Kemba’s mom in a Celtics Jersey has been the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced in sports fandom

We are shooting 37 percent from the field and almost 17 percent from three

Watching kemba smile at a marcus smart play while bridges is just pissed off, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Terry has been fine for us this season but tonight he tried to force too much shit because of the occasion. Hope he slows it down and gets back to playing more controlled on Saturday

Well at the end of the day it was an incredibly emotional night for our team and we played as you would expect. I know we wanted a win but it just wasn’t really unlikely. We will bounce back. The good thing about being a young team is that they don’t know any better

My kemba bobblehead is taunting me from my shelf (Good night, sweet prince)

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