When Carsen Edwards gets in the game he’s got the “green, green, green light”

If you’ve been following the Boston Celtics throughout the summer and preseason, you know rookie Carsen Edwards can light it up in short stretches of game action. Even with his scoring ability, the self aware rookie understands that he won’t get consistent minutes every game.

“You just learn from it. That’s something you expect in the NBA I guess, for someone like me,” Edwards told NBC Sports Boston. “It’s not like I came in thinking I was gonna just come in and play a lot of minutes. I knew coming in my minutes would likely change, here and there. I just try to stay ready, whenever I get an opportunity, be productive."

After not playing a minute in game 2 against the Toronto Raptors, I got a text message from a buddy of mine. He was appalled that Brad Wanamaker was taking minutes from Edwards. He called Wanamaker a progress stopper. I tend to agree. Any minute Wanamaker is on the floor may mean a minute less for Edwards.

Edwards is a younger and shinier piece to develop at this point, but he has a team-first attitude which is nice to see from a guy trying to make it in the league.

“...But at the end of the day, if I don’t play, it’ll be because it’s the best thing for the team.”

"At the end of the day, I just want us to keep winning.”

Regardless if he’s logging a lot of minutes or not, he’s ready. And he better be ready to shoot because Brad Stevens is giving him the ultimate vote of confidence.

“As long as he’s pressuring the ball, he’s got the green, green, green light,” Stevens said. “He can really stroke it and him coming off screens, demands a lot of attention.”

Edwards logged the second most minutes (22) off the bench in game 3 against the New York Knicks behind only Marcus Smart. He may not play against the Milwaukee Bucks tonight. But one thing is for certain, he’s going to be itching to help the team win.

“Carsen’s going to be ready when his number’s called,” Brown said after the Raptors win. “I see him on the bench, just itching to get in.”

All quotes for this piece are courtesy of NBCSports.com/Boston.