Video: Does Jayson Tatum need to remove the "Kobe" from his game?

Jayson Tatum was supposed to be the hot new superstar in the league going into last season, but then the dumpster fire that was the 2018-2019 Celtics season happened. Many people said Tatum's game not only didn't take a leap in season two, but it regressed. Amin Elhassan and Matt Barnes discussed the influence of Kobe on Tatum's game on The Jump yesterday.

Stats don't lie. Tatum was much less efficient last year.

Personally my biggest issue with Tatum modeling his game after Kobe Bryant isn't that he was a Los Angeles Laker, it's that Bryant's game isn't the current NBA. The new NBA is all about 3 pointers or uncontested shots at the rim. It's not the post Jordan NBA Bryant played in where you played iso ball. Coaches don't want their players to take heavily contested and great degree of difficulty long two pointers. It was exciting when Bryant played. Or Iverson. or MJ. But in 2019, those shots are considered bad basketball.

Hopefully we see a Jayson Tatum this season that fits more into the NBA game of 2019. That Tatum would be a perennial all-star and give the Celtics more success.