Jayson Tatum was stoked to have Paul Pierce in the house last night

Jayson Tatum could do a lot worse than to model his game after the Truth

Paul Pierce was in the house last night and it definitely gave the Celtics a boost. Jayson Tatum erupted in the 2nd half comeback. Shades of Pierce in the ECF vs the Nets back in the day. The Celtics VIP attendee wasn't lost on Tatum.

As I've written before, Paul Pierce would be an ideal player for Tatum to model his game after. Of course the game has changed since Pierce's prime. Tatum would need to shoot more 3's than Pierce and less contested long 2's, but overall they have similar make-ups. Not the most athletic players, but that doesn't stop them from getting to the hoop or getting their shots off. Pierce wasn't the greatest defender his first few years, but I'm proved a lot as he matured. More Pierce and Tatum interactions please.