Jaylen Brown hires a former Celtics' agent as he preps for contract negotiations

Having been picked 3rd overall in the 2016 NBA draft by the Boston Celtics, Jaylen Brown so far in his career has been on a 4-year rookie contract worth $21 million. However, after this season those four years are up and Brown is officially a restricted free agent.

As the clock continues to wind down on Boston's opportunity to reach an extension deal with the 22-year-old shooting guard, it appears that Brown is preparing to make the most out of it.
Jaylen Brown is set to become a restricted free agent in the upcoming offseason. Photo via Brian Babineau 

According to Jackie MacMullan, Brown has hired Jason Glushon to represent him in his negotiations after not having an agent throughout his young NBA career. What is ironic (and somewhat troublesome for the Celtics) when it comes to Glushon and the fact that he also represents another NBA player by the name of Al Horford. In other words, the 33-year-old big man that just left the Celtics in favor of a four year $109 million deal with the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Former Celtics Al Horford signed a 4 year, $109 million deal with the Philadelphia 76ers this past summer. Photo via Jesse D. Garrabrant

If Glushon can get that shockwave of a deal for Horford, it is no surprise as to why Brown would want him as his representation at this point in time with some teams having him on their minds for next summer. However, as the clock continues to tick it looks more and more like all of those reports that the Celtics are not going reach an extension of Brown's contract in time are pretty accurate, raising questions as to what they should do moving forward.

Just from what I've personally seen from a lot of fans on the topic, many want the Celtics to avoid paying Brown this year and trade him at the deadline in favor of saving money to pay Tatum down the road. To be honest, I don't disagree with this idea at all as I definitely think Tatum is the more valuable player with more potential in his future.

At the same time, I do love Brown as well and think it would a damn shame to lose him as he continues to rise in his play due to money issues. If the Celtics and Brown can somehow figure something out that would be the best-case scenario in my opinion. If not I would completely understand and wish Brown the best if another team makes an offer the Celtics can't meet and he ends up continuing his career elsewhere.

With all of that said, having the fate of this year's team up in the air it appears (at least for now) Celtics fans can rest assured as Brown does not want to focus on contract deals and has his mindset towards this season and this season alone, which is probably why he hired Glushon in the first place. Brown had this say when asked about the potential extension just a matter of days ago:
On opening night of the 2020 season, Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics will face off against Al Horford and the Philadelphia 76ers in Philly on Tuesday, October 22nd at 7:30 p.m eastern time.

But what do you think? What's the best-case scenario for the Celtics and Jaylen Brown? Worst-case scenario? And if you think the Celtics should trade him at the deadline, what for? Let me know in the comments section down below.

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