Green Envy: What Raptors fans said; 10/25

It feels like years since the last Celtics victory, so it's good to be writing the first Green Envy of the 2019-20 season. As a refresher to begin the season, this is where we pull funny, stupid or interesting quotes from the opposing teams’ fans from during the game to share with you. It would have been fun to embarrass the Philadelphia fans after game 1, especially since they are a more rambunctious bunch, but Toronto fans can whine as well. They’re missing Kawhi Leonard already, are mid-season ref-blaming form, and hate Marc Gasol in their bones. 

Realizing you don’t have the best player in the league anymore must sting: 

Board man went away 


No board man no boards sadly

Ref-blaming will be a common thread throughout the season:

Ref Man Gets Paid

They lost to the refs not the Celtics, true talk New season, but same reffing bias towards the Raptors

NBA refs are truly the best team in the league, no question!

Can we just acknowledge the flops though? Didn’t know Boston was full of actors

Got bodied by the refs 

Wtf is up with TD garden and refs? I also didn’t know Kemba flops this much

Marc Gasol may not want to head back to Toronto:

I've never seen a star player like Gasol regress so fast offensively speaking . He is a shell of his former self when he was in Memphis last season!

Marc need the wake the f*** up. What the hell is this guy doing it’s not the offseason anymore you clown

I didn't know Gasol was still celebrating

Nurse lost this game by playing Gasol. Give Boucher some spot minutes for Ibaka to rest. Gasol gave you nothing!

Gasol still drunk from the parade, someone give him a tylenol pls

Do we really need Gasol anymore? 

Alright boys, we trade Gasol before his value drops any lower…

Gasol played absolutely phenomenal for the Celtics. Sad to see him play for the opposition, dude was great for the Raptors in his tenure.


Marc is still f*****g drunk, like he drank 50 tequila drunk

There’s still optimism in the 6, though:

Raps 81-1!

And don’t make me blush Toronto fans, but I’ll take the compliment:

Boston trolls are the worst