Green Envy: What Bucks fans said; 10/30

Well, that was fun. Not so much for the Milwaukee Bucks fans, though. With a huge comeback from the Boston Celtics, the Bucks fans were on full tilt. Let’s just say that Marcus Smart and Paul Pierce had their fans triggered tonight.

Before the Bucks collapse

I was wondering why we were booing our own team...then I realized we're in Boston

Giannis had him beat on the first step, the euro was unnecessary lol. Must be muscle memory

Boston can eat my ass

Lmao. God I hate Boston fans

Celtics are a bunch of little bitches. Change my mind.

Lol. We own this team so bad. I hope we get em in the playoffs. Easy sweep

Somebody should let Boston know they have a game tonight, maybe they will show up.

The fact that Middleton can't miss against the Celtics is so satisfying

I wish we had Boston Khris every night

Khris Middleton Hates the Celtics

Boston Middleton single handedly keeping us in the game

Khris status: Dead because apparently died of minutes starvation

Celtics’ fans are used to khris hitting those

Our veteran guards make me so horny

If you missed it, Giannis air-balled two free throws and the fans had something to say

Two f*****g air balls in a row? Get out of your own head, Giannis, that's atrocious.

Giannis has the yips.

Gianni's worst game in...forever

Giannis like: "I'm going to somehow regress from the line and three this off-season."

That physically hurt to watch

Giannis come on bruh

I was concerned for the Bucks fans when the Celtics came storming back

God this is frustrating as almighty f***

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines.

We’re putting on a clinic for how to blow a lead.

I would trade Bledsoe for a bag of chips at this point

Why do we implement the Clogged Toilet offense once we get up 15+?

Defense is cheeks rn

At least when we sucked losing didn’t feel like this.

These refs are booty

Like I said, sideline Paul Pierce had them triggered

Never forget Paul pierce shit his pants as a grown man

Also, f*** Paul Pierce

Paul pierce is an idiot

Can Paul Pierce f*** off pls

Paul Pierce shouldn’t be the guy who pisses me off the most in this game, but he is. What a prick

Paul pierce shit himself

Paul Pierce looks like a cornball

Marcus Smart will live in Bucks fans’ nightmares

Marcus Smart is my least favorite player in the nba pretty easy

Marcus smart is such a flopper I can’t stand that dude

Smart seems douchey. Just my take?

Smart flops so much. Quite possibly the biggest fake tough guy in the league

Marcus Smart will never have my respect

God Marcus Smart is such a little bitch

Marcus Smart looks like he takes the train home

Marcus Dumb

Marcus smart needs to be head checked by someone with a closed fist

F*** Marcus Smart

I f****g hate marcus smart

Marcus Smart just mad he has acne as a 25 year old man lmao

What a flop! Smart teaching the youngsters well

Smart was moving, that's obviously a flop, it's literally what he's known for

Guess which Kemba Walker comment came in the first half

Kemba can’t lead a team

Man I wish we had Kemba

Kemba is exactly the player we need, too

Jayson Tatum’s facial hair remains a theme

Why does Tatum look like a kid who spray-painted the hair on to look like Wolverine

Tatum needs to shave

When reality sets in

Are... are we last years Celtics

Y’all think Giannis might leave?

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