Enes Kanter has a new nickname for his Celtics teammate, will it stick?

Photo of Enes Kanter courtesy of NBC Sports Boston

If we’ve learned anything about the 2019-20 Boston Celtics to date, it is that Enes Kanter is a good quote. He’s a very personable guy and is not afraid to speak his mind. It’s refreshing when you’re able to follow a guy that doesn’t give coined, cookie-cutter responses at every turn.

The media guys around the team have done a good job of showing Kanter’s personality with their content.

We’ve also gotten some clips of the big men working in the post. It’s not too exciting to watch 1-on-1 post drills, but it’s all we have and I’ll take any clips of guys wearing green and white bouncing a ball at this point.

One clip provided by Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston shows Tacko Fall taking a Dirk Nowitzki-like one-legged fade-away over Kanter. Leave it to Kanter to coin him the Senegalese Dirk. Tacko has a long way to go, but if he can face-up and shoot a little, it’ll allow slashers to get into the lane.

And if the bigs can develop a respectful game from three-point land, it’ll stretch the defense. This isn’t something that we’ll see as much of since Al Horford is gone, but Brad Stevens will encourage the bigs to play at the perimeter and take open shots when they’re there. It keeps the defense honest and allows the Celtics offense to be multiple. Big guys that can play around the hoop is a positive, but if they live in the paint, it can clog the driving lanes. Bigs need versatility in today's NBA.

I don’t know if the name Senegalese Dirk will stick for Tacko. As a matter of fact, I highly doubt it will. But I do know one thing, it won’t be the last fun nickname that Kanter tries for a teammate.