Romeo Langford, teacher’s pet?

Romeo Langford on Draft Night | Photo: Brad Penner/USA Today Sports

If you’ve been following the Boston Celtics long enough you know that Danny Ainge loves himself some Chipotle. He’s been caught on camera taking potential draft picks and new acquisitions to his favorite food joint.

Danny Ainge & Kyrie Irving at Chipotle
Photo: bostonpoope/Twitter

Well, it looks like Celtics lottery pick, Romeo Langford, is looking to follow in the same footsteps. Langford posted a picture to his Instagram today boasting his seemingly newly acquired Chipotle Burrito Card.

I like a good burrito, so this gets my seal of approval. I’m sure the Celtics President of Basketball Operations approves too. Smart move by the rookie to get in good graces with management. It’s more of a veteran move if you ask me.