Jaylen Brown unlikely to sign contract extension prior to the season

Jaylen Brown | Photo: Bill Streicher/USA Today Sports

I am seeking a max contract deal in the NBA, and unfortunately I won’t get there, but will Jaylen Brown?

According to Sean Deveney of Heavy.com, league sources have put the chances of Brown reaching an extension with the Boston Celtics at “pretty slim.” The deadline for the extension is on October 21st.

Brown and his camp reportedly feel that his game is closer to Ben Simmons and Jamal Murray than someone like Caris Levert. It is important to mention that Simmons and Murray received 5-year/$170 million max contracts this off-season. Levert on the other hand, signed a 3-year/$52 million extension.

Simmons is the only All Star of the group. Murray averaged over 18 points per game last season. And Levert has the same career points per game average as Brown at just over 11 points per game. Using what we know, albeit simple barometers, Brown is closer to the deal Levert signed.

Jaylen Brown flexing | Photo: Gregory Shamus/Getty
Brown is likely going to bet on himself by not signing an extension. If he breaks out this season, he will land that max deal. Quite frankly, if he puts up the same numbers he did a year ago, his worst case scenario is probably a Levert-like deal. So, with that math, he’s making the right decision.

The worth of Brown is a bit of an unknown because he has always been no more than a fourth option but for short stretches. When given the opportunity, he has performed like in the 2018 playoffs where he led the team in scoring alongside Jayson Tatum. Would he be capable of more if he was getting the second or third most opportunities on a consistent basis? Sheer volume would obviously say yes of course. Someone like Terry Rozier will prove that on his new team this year.

If it were my money to manage, I’m not giving Brown the max. I’d like to see something like 4 years at $100-110 million. It feels fair. The Celtics will be in the tough spot of figuring Brown’s worth. If not before the season starts, then by next off-season.