Arrest warrant issued for DeMarcus Cousins

Cousins' ACL tear might be the least of his current worries

DeMarcus Cousins is in trouble with the law again, but this time it's more than a bar brawl. The mother of his son released a recording and she alleges that the man on the other end threatening to "put a bullet in your f**king head" is Demarcus.

It sounds like Cousins and anytime someone threatens to "put a bullet in your f**king head" it becomes a serious issue. Both the NBA and the Lakers have remained quiet as they investigate themselves. The NFL was rocked by a series of domestic assault issues a couple years back and the NBA has avoided it for the most part. At least with their marquee players.

Cousins is running out of opportunities in the NBA and combine this with with his recent ACL injury and he might be on the way out of the league. You know how you sometime root for a good guy who might not be all that talented? Well on the flip side, I have no sympathies for Cousins. He was a super talented athlete who was a big baby on the floor and in the locker room. And it appears his rotten behavior with people is not just relegated to the basketball court.

Many Celtics fans constantly asked early in free agency this year why the Celtics weren't going after Cousins. The facts are they never have, because he's a bad apple. They already dealt with chemistry issues last season with the whole Kyrie thing and they weren't going to touch Cousins with a ten foot pole. Neither were most teams.

Some people may ask, why was Cousins' ex recording the conversation? Well maybe he has a history of being threatening and she decided it's better to have everything he says recorded moving on for proof if needed. Some victim shamers might even accuse her of recording for nefarious reasons. That would be a shame to attack the victim when a 7 foot man allegedly threatens to have her killed. Anyway, regardless of her reasons for recording, assuming that's Cousins on the call, I hope he gets the punishment he deserves. Also glad he never wore Celtics green.