Friday Kawhi Update

It's down to the same three teams it was down to yesterday, and the day before, and the day before...

We heard that Kawhi Leonard was going to make his decision on the 3rd or 4th. Then it was going to be the 4th of Kawhi. Then the 5th. Well apparently it won't be the 5th. Who knows if it will come tomorrow. But just being honest here, I think any person should get some time to make a work decision like this. Especially when it involves besides a job, but where you will call home. Or even what country you will call home.

So today's Kawhi update is there is no update.

Jalen Rose has said there's a 99% chance Kawhi re-signs with the Raptors. Most other reporters and talking heads have either said the Lakers are the favorites or it's between the Lakers and Raptors. There have been conflicting reports on whether the Clippers are still in the mix, but until we hear they are out officially, I don't think it wouuld be prudent to dismiss them just yet.

Also want to add this:

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