Woj and Shams reporting Celtics to pursue center Nikola Vucevic

Woj mentioned the Celtics likely interest in Nikola Vucevic towards the end of the ESPN broadcast and Shams Charania is collaborating that report, so it's pretty concrete. If you are one of the Celtics fans that complained about Al Horford not putting up big numbers, you'll enjoy Vucevic's loftier numbers (21 and 9 last season). Now we know Horford helps teams win. Vucevic didn't have a very strong track record until this season when he lead the Magic to a surprising playoff spot. He struggled mightily vs Marc Gasol's defense in the playoffs though. Small sample size, so who knows.

I like Vucevic as a potential get, but worry his 2018-2019 season may have bumped up his price tag too much. He's 28, so younger than Horford, but still a little older than the Celtics should want if they are building around the Jay's.

Another option for the Celtics in my opinion is to punt on competing this upcoming season. Use the cap space to take on some bad one year contracts and get draft assets for your troubles. Let all the young guys show their stuff this year, pick up another lottery pick likely from missing the playoffs and then use the cap space to contend again next summer.

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