Had the Memphis pick ended up at #9 or #10, Celtics may have moved up to #4

I went against the grain and broached the idea that the Memphis pick, owned by Boston, top-8 protected, might be a plus for the Celtics if it landed at #9 or #10 in this year's lottery. According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the New Orleans Pelicans have traded the #4 pick to the Atlanta Hawks for the #8, #17 and #35 picks. It very well could have been the Celtics grabbing the 4th pick while giving up the #9 (or #10), #14 and #20 picks. That was always my point.

It was my "bird in the hand" stance. Nothing is ever promised in the future, so let me have it now. The ping pong balls didn't fall that way, and the Memphis pick slides down to 2020, top-6 protected. But that #4 pick, and not three middle first rounders, would have worked well for Danny Ainge had it all come together. That was my point.

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Photo via Christopher Evans/Boston Herald