Report: Kyrie Irving and Brooklyn Nets have mutual interest

The Nets envision Irving and Russell forming a smaller backcourt similar to Lillard and McCollum in Portland
Sources tell SNY that Kyrie Irving and his camp are strongly considering Brooklyn if he decides to leave Boston. Irving's camp has kept a close eye on the Nets as the season progressed and the team got better, with the playoffs only helping their case.

SNY also learned recently that the Nets would not shy away from signing Irving even if they re-sign point guard D'Angelo Russell. The ideal scenario would be to pair two max free agents, such as Kevin Durant and Irving, but sources say the Nets would be open to pairing Irving and Russell in the backcourt together.

Irving and Russell already have a good relationship. The two shared the same high school coach, Kevin Boyle as Boyle coached Irving at St. Patrick's in New Jersey and Russell at Montverde Academy in Florida. The belief is that the two can work well together and having a prior relationship will only help.

We've heard about the Kyrie to the Nets rumor prior. Irving grew up a Nets fan and Brooklyn is in much better shape than the Knicks. The new wrinkle is the Irving and Russell combo. Will have to research how this works cap wise for the Celtics, but one scenario where Irving leaves Boston, but the Celtics still end up with an All-Star point guard would be if Irving and Russell were signed and traded for each other. That could happen if let's say Durant wanted to join Irving in Brooklyn and somehow the Celtics enticed the Nets to trade them Russell, instead of renouncing his cap hold to sign the two max free agents.

If you're the Nets, in this hypothetical situation, you'd only trade Russell to an Eastern Çonference rival if it helps you. Whether that means the Celtics taking on a bad contract or Boston giving up a pick.