Greg Monroe's 10-day Celtics contract expired - may sign with 76'ers

The Greg Monroe-in-Boston experiment has once again failed. His 10-day contract expired, and that final Celtics roster spot is open once again. Moose is reportedly signing with the Philadelphia 76'ers, and I, for one, hope this doesn't come back to bite us in the ass.

Monroe obviously did not fit Brad Stevens' playoff plans. He is admittedly slow on defensive switches, which is a deal-killer for Brad, but he has also been a Celtics Killer in the past and could be again. Despite his obvious deficiencies, Moose is a scoring and rebounding machine. I cringe at the thought of him playing for a major Eastern rival and displaying that talent versus his former teammates in Boston in the upcoming playoffs..

So that final roster spot is open again, and who knows what Ainge may have in mind for the slot - if anybody. Any move should happen soon.

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Photo via Matt West/Boston Herald