Green Envy: What Pacers fans said - Round 1, Game 4 - 4/21/19

Get your brooms out! The Celtics took care of business and finished off the Indiana Pacers on Easter Sunday. Today was a mixed bag of emotions from Pacers fans, but I think the bulk of them were prepared for the inevitable. We predicted a courtesy sweep (4-1) on the #CLPod before he series began, but once the C's went up 3-0 Jaylen Brown and his broom were ready to go.

Top Three:

Is there actually anyone in the league that can stop playoff Kyrie when he wants to score?
LeBron. He can make Kyrie leave the team when he wants to.

Watching this game with a bunch of family members who barely watch basketball is dreadful.

Stan Van Gundy look like he eats nothing but cold cuts and bread.

Early Optimism:


Honestly I expect to win this game by 15-20 points.

One game at a time. We can take this one!

Please just let this end so I can watch the Bucks & Giannis make Celtics fans pissed.

Please just end this series and put us out of our misery

Thank god this is the last time we have to watch this joke of a team this year

Over/Under on Boston going 8/10 from 3 in the first quarter again?

Let's try not to embarrass ourselves this time...

Full Slate:

This is going to be a long night....

Holy shit our spirit just looks broken......

That’s not the start I was hoping for.

Do you think our players know that you gotta score baskets? I’m kind of concerned that Nate hasn’t told them that they have to score baskets.

Why did Turner lose the samurai look?

If Darren is just going to throw the ball off the bottom of the backboard, I'd rather have Holiday in getting the experience.

Tyreke is throwing. Wide open Aaron in the corner. We have about 4 players that are in China next year.

If the Celtics are looking for fouls we might as well give them hard fouls so they think twice about doing it.

All we have to do is do a better job.
Is this a Nate McMillan burner account?

Tyreke hero ball; why????
that's the only offense we have...

Monstar Aliens have taken Tyrekes game

Raptors fan here. I see that the Celtics have three players on the court with their alternate zebra jerseys on...have they been doing this all series?
No. Not really

We miss way too many open shots. For an offensive that has so much trouble creating anything, you cannot miss the open shots that you do finally get.
True. While Boston can punt shit in the air and it will go in.

Wow must be nice to move the ball and create mismatches

We’ve struggled in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th quarters at points this series; now we go for the cycle

Nate “We’ve gotta execute.” McMillan

How much do NBA coaches make to say those wise Wired messages.. "Stay solid, stay solid, you got your looks, shoot the ball"

18-19 Pacers and missing right at the basket, name a better duo

Lol I wish Brad coached here. We would have probably gotten Hayward too.

How is that a flagrant
I mean it’s the definition of a flagrant foul. It was clearly contact to the head. They’ve been consistent with that call for years.

Sabonis leaves his man for a wide open shot so he could attempt a nonexsistent rebound. WTF

I've dogged on Reke all year but damn he's fighting and I love him

Is it an unpopular take that we should try to trade for Gordon Hayward in the off-season? Because I think we should.
He plays like he has demons in his head. I don’t think he would be a good fit.

I cant believe I've actually seen a few sets run in this game.

Joking aside, credit to Nate for finally drawing up a play to best that "last possession of the quarter" half trap Boston has done every game. Only took 3 games, but whatever.

Were people asking for a live action Aladdin?

The basic fundamental mistakes this team has made, makes me wonder how we have kept these games close at all this entire series.

Our offensive game plan is just terrible. There's no innovation, there's no uniqueness to our offensive sets. Just run a high pick and roll and hope it works out.

Dan Burke needs to unleash his inner Gunnery Sergeant Hartman on these guys.

He sucks.

Are we the worst inbounding team in the league?

I thought we had one of the best benches in the league? Our bench sucks.

We bout to score like 13 points in this next quarter.

I’m gonna take a nap during the third quarter. Lemme know if I miss anything.


Once again I'll make the proposal, can we just end the game now instead of playing the 3rd?

I've got a good feeling we're winning this.

Damn where is everyone who told me that this team would win more than 1 playoff game.

If y'all have to pick one between Wes and Reke to be their as a rotation player next year who y'all chose
I'd rather not.

I’ve said it once I’ll say it again: There is not a likeable person on the Celtics roster.

Collison, Joseph and Evans all on the floor at the same time is the stuff of nightmares

The annoying part is Nate (and maybe the FO) are going to look at this and be like: we weren't making easy looks, and Victor is out, so let's stick with the current system/coaching staff...

Pacers going on a scoring drought is a typical Pacers finish.

Vic sitting there like "Damn I gotta play with these cats"

If you think we’re going down without a fight you’re wrong. GOLDDONTQUIT


Most unnecessary timeout of the season.. just let it end Nate please

I guess I'm the idiot for thinking it will SURELY be different THIS time... Right?

I'm ready, depression

The Celtics are going to be destroyed by MIL, and it won't be close. I fully expect them to be swept, and they won't have any excuse. At least we were missing Oladipo.

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