Greatest playoff comeback in NBA history: Last night's Clippers or 2002 Celtics vs the Nets?

Which was the greater playoff comeback?

Coach Nick breaks down the Clippers unbelievable comeback last night in Oakland, where they came back from a 31 point deficit to win Game 2. Many people, including Coach Nick, are calling it the greatest playoff comeback in NBA history. I'm sure Paul Pierce might disagree, since while the Clippers came back from a deficit of 5 additional points, the Celtics comeback was in the conference finals. You make the call.

A couple additional points about last night. I miss the shorter playoff series. Gave the underdog team more of a chance. Kind of what makes March Madness and college basketball so exciting. Basically anyone can beat anyone in one lone game. As great as the Clippers win was yesterday, their odds are still abysmal at beating the Warriors four times in a series. That's just t0o tall a task. The best of five format was more exciting for the 1st round.

Also, let's give it up to Doc Rivers for the coaching job he's done in L.A. this season. After getting rid of their entire Big 3, they then traded their best player Tobias Harris and not only still made the playoffs in the Western Conference, but as you can see they are here to play.

The Celtics have won one lone championship in the past 33 years. This after winning 16 championships in the 29 years prior. That's crazy. And while Doc's exit wasn't the best (most coaching exits aren't), the Celtics did end up with a great young coach to replace him and a 1st rounder as compensation. Most importantly, Doc has been the only Celtics coach since KC Jones in 1986 to lead the Celtics to a championship. Doc should get more love by Celtics fans in my opinion.

Now on to Pierce and the Celtics historical comeback.