Haven't written about Marcus Smart in a while - It's time!

Marcus Smart is a defender that opponents truly fear - and for good reason. Dogged defense is his trademark, but lo-and-behold, he has become a shooter. We know he has always been a shooter. But one with accuracy? Not until recently.

I have written previously that I would be happy to see Marcus get to the 40-percent level on field goals. Well, guess what. In 14 games during the month of March, he is at 50% on field goals, 41% on 3-pointers and 95% on free throws. His True Shooting Percentage for March is 64%, rated 55th in the NBA.

For this month, he has also averaged 2.8 RPG, 4.4 APG, 2.2 SPG (tops in the League) and a measly 1.8 turnovers per contest. For a player that contributes so much - in so many ways - I needed to write this piece.

My answer to the above question about imagining not having Smart on your team is that, No, I can't imagine it. I certainly don't want him on a rival team.

Marcus didn't ask for the world when he negotiated with Danny Ainge for his present contract. He earns $11.1 million this season and goes to $13.9 million in 2021-22. That contract was finalized this past summer after a season when he shot only 37% from the field. He is averaging 42% for this season. His contract may be a real bargain for Boston. Danny Ainge loves this guy - and so do we.

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Photo via Charles Krupa/AP photo