Green Eny: What Lakers fans said - 3/9/19

The Celtics got to get some revenge on LeBron James and the South Bay Lakers last night, and despite not playing their best game the C's were able to walk away from the Staples Center with a 3rd-straight win on their West coast swing. We got plenty of shade on LeBron, and his hair, from the Lakers faithful, and plenty of delusions of our boy Kyrie playing in Los Angeles next year. So I say to you, Laker fans...


Top Three:

Keep an eye out for LeBron recruiting Kyrie with his jersey over his mouth.

With all the money Lebron has you would think he would get hair transparent
I think he wants the opposite of transparent hair.

The Laker fans who sold their tickets to Celtic fans should be federally prosecuted

Bron Bron Shade:

why is lebron chucking shit like its the playground

LeBron playing like a summer pick up game

Can we start booing Lebron?

Can LeBron already get his 27 8 8 stats so that he can rest? He's so painful to watch on defense.

This is what LeBron is good at. Getting his stats. Not winning.

Caruso + hair plugs = All NBA 1st Team
LeBron needs to be a good teammate, step up, and make Caruso shave his head. Sho some leadership!
He needs to lead by example. His hair language is very demoralizing to his teammates.

LeBron and Caruso should shave their heads to unlock their full powers.

Full Slate:

Ok ok beat the Celtics then back to tanking

Playoff mode reactivated after tonight’s win

Should've used the rondo game winner on the intro.

If the Lakers beat the Celtics, again, I would call this a very successful season lol

Never seen this much Celtics fans in attendance.

JVG just said the Lakers should trade LeBron. How does this man have a job as commentator is beyond my understanding.

I see the ghost of Skip Baylees has entered JVG’s body

LeBron needs to take 25 shots a game in around 32 minutes a game. Score to catch kareem and hopefully lose 21 straight

Rondo keeps the other players so hungry for the ball, that when he finally passes it they score , getting him his coveted assists

We’re actually playing with energy that’s all I ever wanted.

The bright side is that summer league should be interesting to watch again as we have a high pick

Did the Monstars steal the wrong guys powers?

Death, taxes and Lebron shitting on the Celtics

kyrie can play defense? i want him even more

Celtics only score 25? Is that a season low for a first quarter for us?

Mow Wagner is basically prime Chris Bosh CHANGE MY MIND

Imagine going to a lakers game, storming the court and decking Luke in the face.
Luke would fucking rock you. He’s still a world class athlete

Just a reminder that Tatum is the worst isolation player in the NBA going by points per isolation
Is he even playing? Dude is invisible out there

Thankful for March Madness and college basketball. Gives me some basketball to enjoy watching

Every time Mark Jackson talks, just imagine him saying, "If I were coaching this team..." at the start.


This is supposed to be the best team in the east LOL
No one thinks this is the best team in the east..or even top 3

Too many Celtics jerseys in the front row.

Kyrie getting used to the Staples crowd

Johnathan Williams has 10 points in 10 minutes and Luke takes him out 🤦🏾‍♂️

"What rivalry??? I saw a lot of hugging and kissing between both teams." - Jalen Rose.

Paul Pierce looks like he shit himself again

Kyrie is way too cool to be a Celtic. Needs to either come here or go to NY.

Wagner really having a better night than Tatum. Wow

I wonder how good Moe would be if Luke played him at least a few minutes per game all year

Have any of our guys made 3 threes in a row this season?

Rondo was giving smart about fifteen feet of space those last few plays

It's always Rondo's man making 3s.

JVG says "You know when you think you can dance, but you got no rhythm?" as McGee fumbles the ball.

All the other vets who sucked get benched, but Rondo keeps chugging along.

Can we get some more South Bay Lakers on the roster for the final month of the season?

shaq & that cheerleader 👁

Shaq gonna risk it all

Old Man Caruso > Zygote Tatum

One of the key handicaps with having young players be your key producers is refs will let your kids get murdered without consequence.

Irving looks amazing right now - the best I’ve seen him play in years

Can't wait till Kyries in a Laker uni doing that next season.

Help him up, LeBron. We need start that Kyrie recruitment right now.

LeBron better do his thing recruiting Kyrie after the game tonight.

Kyrie looking like a globetrotter out there

Kyrie would perfect as a laker hes literally a show

Kyrie leaving the Celtics high and dry this summer is going to be glorious.

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