Isaiah Thomas may return to NBA action Monday - right now just looking for any rec league game

Isaiah Thomas seems fairly close to returning to action after many months of rehabbing from a hip injury. His return to NBA action may happen on Monday versus the Miami Heat, but right now he is looking for any type of rec league 5-om-5 game.

Notice that Isaiah didn't specifically say he would play - just that he would pull up - maybe to watch. My guess is just being around a game and interacting with folks may be enough - until Monday.

It has been interesting that Isaiah had publicly stated on Twitter that he will sign and send back any items sent to him at the Pepsi Center, and I have seen a number of responses showing that he made good on the statement. I just sent a quality Thomas #4 Celtics jersey to him. Will keep our readers informed of Isaiah's progress.

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Photo via Maddie Meyer, Getty Images