Green Envy: What Pistons fans said - 2/13

The Celtics picked up an eight-point win over the Pistons on Wednesday night, which calls for a Green Envy! It was truly an odd game with a lot of questionable calls and scoring runs for both sides. As a result, Piston fans had a lot to talk complain about throughout the night...

Top Three

Looks like the game started. Someone tell the Pistons

Wayne Ellington is quickly playing his way off my nonexistent fantasy team

This must be wheel of fortune cause the Pistons cant buy a foul

Endless hatred for Langston Galloway

Galloway such a scrub

Galloway in and immediately gets toasted for a layup.

I really can't stand Langston

Galloway is useless. Gets blown by immediately by Hayward for a layup. Can’t make the three.

Boston’s strategy of giving it to whoever Galloway is guarding really paying off

I'm so sick of Galloway
It feels like he hasn’t made a three in two months

Galloway played 11 minutes tonight.
0 points. 0 assists. 0 rebounds. 0 blocks. 0 steals.
0-3 shooting. -19 while on the floor.

Oh, (Tony) Brothers

Tony Brothers crew really shining in this one

Protest any game officiated by Tony Brothers for the rest of the year

These refs are going out of their way to call nothing on the Celtics

Wow the refs are robbing us tonight!

I think Tom Heinsohn might charge the court and go after these officials.

refs are blind

Marcus Smart - the Piston Killer

Marcus Smart is a certified Piston killer.

Marcus Smart would be a max player if he played 82 games against the Pistons

Marcus Smart only hits 3's against us

Why isnt Smart starting in the All Star game

Marcus "Curry" Smart

When Smart out performs our starting pg and back up guards by himself.

Full slate

So far, Thon can't Maker...

wtf does Zaza have a negative vertical or what?

Oh no... Tommy Heinsohn... Kill me now

This defense is just terrible

Yup I'm calling it a night...

Embarrassing on every level. No effort. No defense. Can't shoot as usual. Completely careless. Goodnight.

Anyone else listening to the Celtics broadcast? Literally every sentence that comes out of Heinsohn's mouth is complaining about the refs/calls. Brutal.

This team is built for a nice 4 game sweep in late April

4 fouls on 1 possession. We're f****d

Turnovers are bad

WANNAMAKER must NOT make a lot of baskets!

Whoreford always was overated!

It was fun while it lasted

What is the return policy on newly signed players?
Can we please return Ellington?

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