An irritated Kyrie Irving responds to question about All-Star game chat with "best friend" Kevin Durant

One thing I can say is if Kyrie doesn't like the media blowing everything he does up into a big deal, he should definitely not go to New York! The same with Kevin Durant. The New York media would piss them off so much. Kyrie of course is talking about the video that came out 2 nights ago on Instagram that has since been removed. In the video Irving was allegedly filmed saying (by amateur lip readers), "Two max spots. It's time" to Kevin Durant.

Kyrie and Durant get paid very well to play basketball for a job. They both may hate the media questions, but until either definitively commits to their current team the questions will continue. The reporter asking the question was just going his job. Good for him. Kyrie's going to get $200 million dollars. One of the things that comes with that huge paycheck is talking to the media. He could work at Starbucks and not have to talk to the media.

The good news for Irving is once he signs this summer with a team he won't have to talk about free agency for several years. Unless of course his agent negotiates an opt out his contract. Then the questions will resurface.

Irving has the right to not commit to the Celtics right now. He has the right to weigh his options in July. But with the right will come questions. Probably not from the Boston beat writers (since they don't want to piss off someone they see everyday), but from some writers. It's part of the job.

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