The Marci (Marcus Morris & Smart) escape serious injury vs. Wolves

What makes the Marci (a popular nickname for the Boston Celtics duo of Marcuses, Smart and Morris) special is how they attack every game like they won't need their bodies after the game.

The problem being this can get them hurt...and of course, that pesky "needing one's body" part, too.

When Smart hurt his shoulder on a hard screen much the way Shane Larkin ended his tenure with the Cs, there was a palpable nervousness spreading through the Boston Twittersphere; when Mook came down hard on a fastbreak to hurt his neck, a similar concern spread.

We know, by now, what these two mean for the team.

Mercifully, it seems the Marci are as sturdy as we could hope, having escaped those collisions with ongoing discomfort (Morris may yet get imaging done to check for damage today if it still bothers him), but at least for now, they may be able to play as soon as Boston's next game.

With Kyrie Irving out nursing a scratched cornea and Aron Baynes recuperating from a broken hand, the Celtics, deep as they are, can't afford to lose any more players logging significant minutes, and certainly not one of these two.

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Image: Brian Babineau, Marc Sobhani/NBAE; video: Boston Celtics, Tomasz Kordylewski
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