Green Envy: What Mavericks fans said - 1/4/19

Last night in TD Garden, the Boston Celtics faced off against the Dallas Mavericks for their second of four consecutive home games. Seeking revenge for their November 24th loss in Dallas, the Celtics would have to fight without the services of Kyrie Irving (eye), Marcus Morris (neck), Aron Baynes (hand), and the Time Lord who's still nursing a groin injury.

Thankfully, this team is stacked and we're finally starting to show why, as the Celtics dominated, never trailing in a 114-93 victory. 

With another notch in the "W" column for the good guys in green, there was naturally some envy from the other side. What did we hear? Let's take a look.


Luka gonna rock these leprechauns again.

These fools are overrated -- JJ diced 'em up last time. Need I say more?

Oh man, DJ gonna eat tonight! 20/20 for sure!

No Kyrie = no chance for Beantown!


So Smart can shoot threes now? FML.

Jaylen has been booboo lately. He better not go off tonight.

Aren't we called the Big D? Where the hell is that D?

Ummm...wanna put a hand up?

17-5? Oh no...we suck again!

Lukaaaaaaaaa! What a steal he was.

Back in the ballgame. C's are done.

Who the hell is this dude nailing triples? Wanamaker? That's his real name?

We building a shelter with all these bricks?

We can't hit a shot.

SOOOOOOO....we're just gonna let Tatum do whatever he wants? Cool.

Why's Luka on the bench? Fire Rick!

Wait, Carlisle was a Celtic? No wonder!

What is DJ saying during his free throws? Who cares?

I hate that the crowd is cheering for Dirk. I want to keep hating them.

Good on you, Boston. That was pretty cool.

Game recognize game for Dirk. Hit one!

Hey, look, Cs just hit another 3. Nice.

On to the next one. Not our night.

God, I hate this team.

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