Gordon Hayward's recovery catching up with his cleverness - Watch out!

Gordon Hayward's game is still a roller coaster - up one game, down the next. In the win over the Hornets last night, his contribution on the surface was not spectacular by any measure - but a closer look is revealing.

Gordon's production was pretty solid, particularly compared to some duds he has had. In 23 minutes, he scored 12 points (50% FG), five boards, three assists, two steals and one block - with a plus/minus of +31.. But for last-game-played, he ranked 7th in Offensive Rating, 22nd in Defensive Rating and 3rd in Net Rating (63.3) - and that is out of 326 players. The following left-handed assist was a beauty. And the fake-out and score down low showed just how clever Hayward can be on the court.

Coming back from his injury, Gordon has had to rely more on court savvy and cleverness to produce. Though still sporadic, his recovery is happening - and watch out when recovery is complete and Gordon displays all of the tools at his command.

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Photo via Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images