Who is the present or future NEXUS for the Celtics? - vote today

The idea for this article came from one of our CelticsLife readers, 4Kau11. in the comment section. According to Vocabulary.com, nexus is a central link or connection, implying that it facilitates communication among the various parts and allows it to work properly. So who does that for the Boston Celtics?

It is too early to tell if that defines Gordon Hayward - but it might. We just have not seen enough of him. But I view him as the most-versatile player for Boston, and he plays a complete game. I could see him as the Celtics' nexus once he and his teammates become more familiar with each other.

How about Marcus Smart? He seems to play a Kevin Garnett-type role on the floor, directing both the defense and the offense. He has become more verbal lately, and the team has won three straight games since he became a starter. He compels his teammates to become more intense and put out more effort - never taking a play off. He might fill the nexus role.

Kyrie Irving? He scores in every way possible and facilitates the offense with precise passing. He certainly is a central figure in the team's recent success. He should enter the MVP conversation soon if his team gets more wins.

We also have Al Horford in the mix. Al has been slow to get started this season, but last year everything went through Horford, both on offense and defense. He needs to be considered.

So who is the link that connects to every other player? Who facilitates communication among teammates? Who allows the team to function properly and win games? Feel free to vote in the Twitter poll or in the comment section.

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Photo via Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images