Doc Rivers fears 2nd ACL injury - this time as coach - makes Shaqtin'-a-Fool

The first one happened in 1993 when Doc Rivers played with the Knicks. What was first thought to be a left knee sprain turned out to be a season-ending ACL injury.

This one happened last night when the Clippers took on the Mavericks. Doc jumped up to argue a no-call with the referees and landed on the floor. You can see Rivers grab that left knee. Doc is concerned that he may have torn that same ACL, but nothing definite on that yet. What is definite is the mishap making Shaqtin'-a-Fool.

There is no further news as of now on any significant injuries, other than to his self-respect. I would hate to see Doc replace Javale McGee as Shaquille O'Neal's major target.

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