Kyrie Irving fined $25,000 for giving the ball what it deserved

Jamal Murray had a huge 48 performance in last night's win over the Celtics. 50 has a nicer ring to it, so Murray launched a shot at the buzzer instead of letting the clock run out, which is the unwritten NBA rule.

Kyrie Iriving was none too pleased, but he also was just trying to give the ball what it deserved. The NBA today apparently disagreed with Kyrie.

Honestly if it was Kyrie with 48, I wouldn't mind him having shot it either. Give the fans a 50 point experience as well. Not everyone was as upset with Murray as Kyrie:

Kyrie will now only make $20,074,189 on the year after the $25k deduction. GoFundMe page soon to come.

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