Hospital Cs flirting with a comeback as Jaylen may sit with foot injury

It's a good thing the Boston Celtics have a lot of depth; it's already becoming clear they'll need it.

After getting Aron Baynes back from a hamstring injury this week, the Celts lost big man Daniel Theis for several weeks with a tear to his plantar fascia, only to see Jaylen Brown have a similar injury emerge.

No specifics on how severe or exactly what the problem is, but it's the right move to play it safe in the regular season with these sort of connective tissue injuries, as they can become a longer-term problem if not given the time to heal properly.

Brown will reportedly see an orthotic specialist before tonight's matchup with the undefeated Milwaukee Bucks (who just got back their own injured star after Giannis Antetokounmpo emerged from the concussion protocol), but I would imagine anything but the best results will see Jaylen taking a game or two off, if not more.

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