Green Envy: What Hawks fans said - 11/23/18

The Celtics came out and shot the lights out early, putting the Hawks away quickly and getting themselves a much needed win. Most Atlanta fans have embraced the inevitable tanking season that they're currently in the midst of, and another good portion of them hold some serious animosity towards their Top-5 pick from this past draft, Trae Young. Basically the Celtics finally played like we imagined they could and the Hawks, well they played as bad as they've been all year.

Top Three:

Took a break from family time to check on the game and somehow it's more of a dumpster fire than Thanksgiving dinner was.

Dear fucking God. Ladies and gentlemen. The Boston Warriors

Alright then. Netflix it is.

Notes for Trae Young:

Kyrie v Trae. Oh boy, this will be interesting lol

Who Will Trae Defend?
Looks like nobody

Uh yeah Trae has no hope in hell of guarding Kyrie
yeah, neither does anyone from the looks of it..

I don’t understand why not play Trae more minutes.
Want to lose by 50?

Trae Young is now a -23 while Lin is only a -1. Celtics lead by 22.. enough said.

We are tanking for the future and Trae is one of our franchise pieces for that. He won’t get better sitting on the bench. Baptism by fire
So at what point does getting your lunch taken every night by the likes of Marcus Smart do irrerparable damage to a young player's psyche?

Trae literally adds nothing on the court atm
Adds a loss

Trae Young with the -31 in 17 minutes. Nice

Just damning evidence game after game that Young is a disaster

Full Slate:

As much as I love the tank, I hope we beat the smug Celtics tonight.

Hope this wont be a game that is over in the first quarter

If Trae gets more than 20 I will drive to Atlanta and personally congratulate him screenshot this

Kyrie is about to go off in the name of Zion

Have you met Kyrie Irving? Generally speaking, it isn’t a great idea to allow him to get hot.

I want Lin and Trae to do well, while the Hawks lose. This is best case scenario for the Hawks tank and for Trae.

Even their bad shots are falling.

We caught the Celtics one game too late it looks like, cus these boys are playing pissed off now.

Hawks making Cs look like globetrotters

No Vince So Far. Perhaps with the milestone secured, he will move to the Elton Brand "use only in case of emergency" role.

why are we forcing so many 3s when we're 29th in the league in 3 point%?

Good defense in the second quarter. Shame they released the floodgates in the first.

Hawks cut it to 21 and Nique says: "Boston is letting the Hawks hang around." Geez.

At least we can improve on literally everything

The art of the post up is completely dead good lord

We won 3 times already : / and id rather lose every game this year and win in the draft than to win a meaningless game

Lin is doing well, and the Celtics are winning. Good for the tank!

One day Bembry will make an outside shot

Starting lineup: tanking lineup
Bench lineup: make it so it's not obvious that we are tanking lineup

After the 1st quarter, who would have thought that the 3rd quarter could have been worse.

Pretty sure the players are.

I'm assuming this is Theis' career NBA high for dunks in a game?

It's almost like this team isn't coached. They are a turnover machine and can’t defend. What do they do in practice?
Watch Luka Doncic highlights know how everyone loves Romo on NFL broadcasts? Scalabrine is that for the NBA. My god is he fun.

Our Two Lottery Picks Tonight. Young & Prince, 2-14 for 7 combined points.

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