Celtics Life Race-to-the-Title results - November 19, 2018

Not only did the Celtics lose the game to the Hornets, 117-112, but they also lost the rebounding battle, 44-41. So the right number for last night was a minus-3. Dylan Dobson (-4) and Afonso Mucho (-2) got the win. Red Brooks placed with a minus-5. Rondeezy (even) and Nopelovic (-6) came in third. Results are below.

Win: Dylan Dobson (-4) and Afonso Mucho (-5)

Place: Red Brooks (-5)

Show: Rondeezy (even) and Nopelovic (-6)

1 David Anthopoulos 10
2 Abacus Reveals 8
3 Dylan Dobson 7
4 DimitriusUK 6
4 land shark 6
5 Michael Costa 5
5 Forever_green 5
5 Alonzo Mucho 5
6 Andre Moreira Lima 4
6 Andrew 4
6 Rondeezy 4
6 Red Brooks 4
7 Daddiorick 3
7 Tiago Jesus 3
7 Caio Marques 3
8 Ismael Hasan 2
9 CelticsKY 1
9 Celtics Next Generation 1
9 Yung Kwan 1
9 Nopelovic 1

Next game is Wednesday against the New York Knicks. If our participants look at the present rankings, they will notice that the top-two are numbers guys. David Anthopoulos and Abacus Reveals pay attention to the numbers, percentages and the odds.

Wednesday's contest will be slightly more complex but still within the reach of everybody. The number I am looking for is the percentage of points in the Knicks game that come from 3-pointers. Here is a hint. For the season, Boston is ranked third in the League on percentage of points from beyond the arc, and that number is 35.4%. In the loss to Charlotte that number dropped to 24.1%. They hit 9-of-32 from deep, resulting in 27 points on 3-pointers out of the Boston's total of 112 points (27/112 = 24.1%).

The loss against the Jazz was worse. The Celtics hit 5-of-33 from deep, resulting in 15 points out of 86 (total) for 17.4% (15/86 = 17.4%). So even if you are not a math whiz, the key numbers from Boston's last two games were 24.1% (Charlotte) and 17.1% (Jazz). But they average 35.4% for the season. Use those three numbers as your guide.

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Photo via Chuck Burton/AP Photo