Watch: Full highlights and postgame comments, BOS 101 - OKC 95

Miss the game last night?

Did you, perhaps, turn it off at half-time? With how flat the Boston Celtics came out on what looked destined to be another disturbing loss, it's understandable.

But the Cs turned it around in the third frame, taking the Oklahoma City Thunder to down to the wire, and sneaking out a much-needed road win we just happen to have all the best parts of here for your viewing pleasure in the videos above.

It's not too hard to point out two of the more important stretches of the game for Boston, chief of which being the barrage of triples from All-Around Al Horford, and an energizing technical foul from...Brad Stevens?

Yes, really. And it wasn't just Brad showing extra animation last night; Jayson Tatum continued to lead the team in scoring with 24 and six boards, and Marcus Morris showed up bigtime, dropping 21 and 10 of his own.

Al was nearly as lethal with 19 points and nine rebounds for the night, and Kyrie Irving looked closer to his usual self with 15 points, five rebounds and as many assists.

After the game, Al spoke on how he felt about his offensive role in the second half, and Kyrie added something to that effect as well, though from something of a different perspective.

Mook was incredulous over the Cs' long-distance shooting in the first half, but Tatum was pretty happy with his posterization of Paul George.

"Mad" Brad Stevens still saw plenty of things to improve on (shocker, that!), but attributed the team's improved play to something very simple. Let's hope it's something to build off, as the Celts next face the surging Detroit Pistons this Saturday, October 27th, at 7pm EST.

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