Green Envy: What Sixers fans said - 10/16/18

Celtics vs Sixers on opening night at The Garden and not only is basketball back, BUT...GREEN ENVY IS BACK! Hearing the Philly fan's comments as they watch Jayson Tatum and Markelle Fultz share the court always puts a smile on my face. A huge Celtics win to start the season, despite not playing their best game, always get the blood flowing.

Top Three:

Is this accurate??? Best two players – Sixers. # 3-10 best players – Celtics.
nah kyrie is better that ben
tatum might be too

The positives for Fultz were…Someone help me out here.

MARCUS SMART is Steph Curry against us. Infuriating

The Inevitable Fultz vs Tatum:

Shit I’m nervous. All I want is for Fultz to show out regardless of the outcome.

Anyone seen Fultz? Is he playing? Was he a late scratch?
I think I saw him get a rebound

So Brad Stevens is going to bring Hayward off the bench in the 3rd quarter. How is that a big deal for Fultz but the media hasn’t talked about this plan for Hayward at all?
Hayward is a proven NBA player

man it hurts so much to watch tatum make all these buckets

fultz looks invisible out there. watching him do absolutely nothing while tatum looks like kobe 2.0 makes me sad.

I know it’s way too soon, but that trade looks right now like a franchise defining move for both Philly and Boston, for different reasons.

need that third star....
need a third star and we could have drafted tatum

I’m sad. Fultz comes out we go on a run

Fultz needs to accidentally run his shoulder into Tatum since he cant play basketball

Markelle brings the ball up court and just gets out the way.

Oh boy, boston politely standing and watching fultz

Paging Mr. Fultz…is there a Markelle Fultz (still) in the building???

Jason Tatum with a fucking game high
The guy that WE could’ve drafted.
This is the ABSOLUTE worse scenario we could have imagined.
At least Fultz scored 3. Go get em tiger!

The Rest:

Dario looks a bit like a serial killer, which I am okay with!

Tatum starting at PF for the C’s tonight. We need to try and exploit him with Dario. Tatum can’t hang with Dario in the post. Dario could make a meal of him inside. We need to take advantage of that.


Back for another season of immediate overreactions
fire brett brown, they missed the first shot!

First shot Cov airball…did anyone predict that?

Tatum bitching on the refs already.
They gotta get started early if they want to ingrain the BS in the refs mind

Statement game for both teams. NBA schedule maker knew what he was doing leading off with this match up.

Amir stinks.

Defense looks great but man we cant get anything longer than a layup on offense.

Yeah I think we forgot how good the Celtics defense is

Why does Horford always play out of his mind against the 76ers?

Hot takes. Can we all calm down or at least make it out of the first quarter before we jump off the ben Franklin

***enter random Jazz fan***

We are playing like shit, for lucky they arent in their best game or the gap would be huge.

Simmons is averaging a triple double this season. HE IS EVERYWHERE

Everybody good now? Smh #teamchill
not really. fultz looks #bad.

Amir with that -9. Never change man.


Best defensive team in the league and a bad matchup. And whoever expected Fultz to even be a neutral in this game had unreal expectations. THis is ugly but was expected

It’s 2018 and my favorite team is running a post up offense with 3 non-shooters. This is brutal.

Simmons is the best player on the court by far.

The volume of Brett Brown’s screaming when Horford knocked Simmons down and it wasn’t called was impressive.

Kyrie has been kinda trash too
Rozier is way better. gone be a problem later

Simmons with the right hand! he shoots so much better when he uses his dominant hand

The only way Simmons could be more of a God is if he wore a toga

I think Ben needs to date a Kardashian every summer

again Smart his threes only against us. sigh

I hate Morris so much. I want one, though.

Is this the worst first half of Embiid's career?

Cov is Pedro Martinez and the Celtics are the Yankees

I still gotta laugh that this is only a five point lead to Boston. Irving is our best player..

Aron Baynes is not a very good player. Why does he always kill the Sixers?

Maybe Redick can make one of his 500 wide open shots

The sad thing is that Boston isn't playing very well. yet they are still up by double digits

Embiid just chucked up a "get this game over with" 3

This game was much closer than the final score will show
Closer? We just got smoked

The Sixers look the same as last year. Good but not quite good enough.

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