Celtics Terry Rozier gets the nod on shoes, Marcus Smart on arrival attire

Many things were obvious from the Celtics versus 76'ers game last night, but one non-game point was in-your-face, namely NBA footwear has come a long way from the canvas Converse All-Stars.

See what I mean. In a past article joking about old men wearing white New Balance sneakers, I took a lot of heat from some of my readers defending the NB brand and their product. So relax guys, I am only talking about the style and color here. There is no question in my mind - I love the change. We see Jaylen Brown in his bi-color footwear, Marcus Smart and Kyrie Irving in green and Terry Rozier in orange. Terry gets the color and style award here - and please - this is not about comfort or improved-performance.

Jaylen's blue/red combo is just fine, but watch T-Ro's orange feet in action on the light tan parquet floor. No contest!

Speaking of no contest, I won't even go past Marcus Smart's arrival attire prior to the game. We don't need to look at any other players arriving at TD Garden. Marcus' royal robe and golden sneakers can not be matched. Matched for what, you ask? I have no idea.

At my daughter's prompting (heckling?), I no longer wear the white New Balance that she describes as "old mens' footwear" and have moved on to Avia. I am a lover of color, almost certainly acquired from the bright colors of many happy Christmas seasons. It may be time to add some color to my next pair of sneakers. It just won't be the glittering gold of Smart's arrival pair.

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Photo via David N. Berkwitz/SI