Aron Baynes is a Bane on the opposition, mask or not

The word Bane describes the Celtics bruising center, Aron Baynes. Bane is defined as scourge, plague, nuisance, headache, nightmare, etc. That is what Aron is to opposing teams. All of those.

I blame Aron for the confrontation between Marcus Smart and the Cavaliers J. R. Smith. Baynes-ey was doing such a great job of keeping Smith off the boards, that J. R. got testy - resulting in him shoving Aron - and then Marcus was on a mission with his best Boston Strangler imitation as he headed for Smith.

Watching the Celtics-vs.-76-ers game last night, Baynes does just a nice defensive job on any opponent. He takes no time, or play, off. And now Aron is taking, and hitting, 3-point shots, nailing 2-of-4 last night. He is not an elite shot blocker, but he guards the rim like he owns it - and few choose to challenge that ownership.

Baynes has indicated that he was not taken seriously until he grew the beard, and in the photo above, we see the younger, gentler side of him. The Bane mask makes him quite fearsome, but he doesn't need that. And talk about a Bargain-Baynes-ment contract (sorry), he will earn $10.6 million over this season and next. Danny Ainge and Aron both knew they needed each other, and we totally agree. He is a key piece of the Celtics puzzle.

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Photos via ThePostGame and Soobum Im/USA TODAY Sports