Are Boston Celtics the next great sports dynasty?

Realizing that we are only one game into the season, this is still a legitimate question? The Celtics handily defeated the Philadelphia 76'ers with several starters not playing even close to their potential. So are the Celtics on their way to a dynasty? Let's give it a look.

The Herd's Colin Cowherd poses a strong argument in support of Boston being the reigning NBA Champions for the next decade. As he says in his broadcast, "What a time to be a Boston sports fan! It's absolutely amazing!"

In his broadcast, Cowherd dissects the Celtics organization from (almost) the top to the bottom. What he failed to mention is the role that ownership has played, and will play, in this saga. It all starts at the very top, and that is where Wic Grousbeck and his partners sit prepared to make the biggest decisions.

The following is merely a portion of what Colin had to say about the Celtics chances to become a dynasty, and why that may happen:

They have a great roster. They have a roster of high-IQ smart guys. They have the best GM. They have the best coach where every player plays his best. This team is going to rule the League for most of this decade.

I have no argument with any of that. Intelligence just permeates this organization, and when that is linked with such a talented, and versatile crew of players, the sky is the limit. Here is more from Cowherd:

This is almost a perfect basketball team. They can shoot. They can play defense. They've got coachable guys. They've got role players. They've got veterans.

Colin goes on to say that the Raptors are Boston's biggest challenge in the East, while also stressing that the Philadelphia 76'ers are "totally flawed", further indicating that "they have two stars and nothing else". Cowherd refers to Markelle Fultz as a "bust" and adds that the Ben Simmons-Joel Embiid partnership is "not going to work long-term".

My feeling is that it is too early to to project such a dim future for the 76'ers, particularly for Fultz. But I do see the entire Celtics organization from top to bottom, as being near-perfect. Colin did bring up the fact that injury could derail his prediction, but he also failed to mention the one factor that is always needed, and that is plain luck. The Celtics had little of it last season and still stood in the doorway to the Finals. They are due for good fortune this season, and this team is indeed poised for greatness. A dynasty? Very well could happen!

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