Videos: Dino Radja is in the Hall of Fame (Interviews & more)

Ray Allen wasn't the only Boston Celtic getting inducted today.

Dino Radja, former Boston Celtics big man and European basketball legend, anchored the Celts during the descent from greatness that occurred in the seasons after Larry Bird retired and the rest of the Banner 16 crew began to go their separate ways.

While his time in the NBA might not seem so impactful in the present, Radja was one of the few players who made Boston watchable in those early 1990s-era iteration of the green and white, coming off a pair of Euroleague championships before he even hit his prime.

Radja was one of the greatest European players ever, helping shake the undeserved reputation for Euro players as being "soft", and paving the way for many future stars by so doing.

Watch the videos above for footage from his day at the Naismith Hall of Fame, and from his storied career.

Congratulations on your induction, Dino.

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Image: Lou Capozzola/Getty ; video: NBA, Tomasz Kordylewski, YouTube
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