Philadelphia 76ers hire Elton Brand as GM

Let's all take a collective deep breath - the Philadelphia 76ers have their man.

It never looked like there was any traction to the idea of Mike Zarren leaving the Boston Celtics to accept a position with the 76ers for their vacant General Manager position, but it was worth worrying about, at least a little.

Of course, Zarren already turned down the job before the "Process" had even started, but there was always the risk that a team in a more favorable position on the rebuild arc might be at least a little alluring.

Instead, Philly has chosen to go with Elton Brand, surprising everyone not named Elton. To be fair, he does have prior experience as a general manager...of the Philadelphia 87ers, the 76ers G-League team.

That he held for a year.

After a year as a player development consultant.

Immediately after being on the 76ers' active roster.

In case that's not clear, Brand went from riding the pine under Brett Brown to his boss in roughly 750 days. This ought to be, well, uh, interesting. I won't say categorically it won't work (after all, this is a team that is looking for a GM because their last one was talking smack through Twitter burner accounts about his own players), but my expectations are low.

As are, it seems, Philadelphia's at this point, but as a Boston fan, I'm OK with that.
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