Marcus Morris' to Cavaliers' Tristan Thompson - "Get that vacation ready early"

What was Tristan Thompson supposed to say? "We don't have a prayer this year." No, of course not. But his verbal analysis of the race in the East was either delusional or arrogantly-bold. But as always, Marcus Morris had an answer.

In Thompson's presentation, I hear no mention of Lebron James' departure to the West Coast. This is Mook's response.

Leave it to Morris to not hold back. But barring utter chaos and misfortune in the ranks of the Celtics, Raptors, 76'ers and other Eastern contenders, I doubt we will be seeing Cleveland in the playoffs this season. And if by chance they do make it, I can't envision them lasting very long in the fight. Vacation will come early.

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Photo via Nicolaus Czarnecki/Boston Herald