Listen: Anna Horford on the intersection of sport, music & more

Summer for most people isn't a wasteland of sadness due to the absence of basketball, but an opportunity to catch up on all the other things in life that matter.

I know.

It sounds crazy. But seriously, it's really a thing people do, living life without that bouncy orange thing, and you should give it a shot.

Go outside, say, or listen to some music.

If you're a stay-in person who can't entirely get away from basketball, maybe listen to a podcast about music, sporting events, and folks who like the Boston Celtics.

To that end, the folks over at the Handstamp podcast (including our own Josh Coyne) got together with friend of the pod Anna Horford to talk on these very issues.

So, with a month and change to go until camp, and almost twice as long until the games count, you should get in some quality entertainment, and I offer up this gem of a podcast - yes, I'm biased, but it only matters if you're wrong. Listen to the podcast above, and don't forget to rate and subscribe for a look at many of the ways music intersects with our quotidian lives.
If you want to hear the tunage these two discuss on the episode, also check the Spotify playlist below.
And don't forget to check Anna's podcast, the latest episode of which is linked below.
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Image: Anna Horford/Twitter
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