Watch: Will the Celtics be the team to beat over the next decade?

Are the Boston Celtics the team to beat over the course of the next decade?

ESPN's Max Kellerman seems to think so, and while he makes my eyebrows wrinkle more often than he doesn't, we agree on this point.

While nothing is ever set in stone in this league, the combination of assets, players, coaching and momentum will be difficult for any other franchise to match over the long haul, and the heavy-hitters of the moment are already feeling the pressure.

With LeBron James out of the East and getting older, and the Golden State Warriors beginning to show their age (and tax bill), there's few other teams shaping up to get in Boston's way to Banner 18 and beyond.

Watch the video below to hear Kellerman's reasoning behind his take on the Celtics' likely future.

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Video: ESPN
Image: Scott Eisen/Boston Celtics
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