Watch: FULL game highlights & analysis for Cs-Nuggets SL game 4/7

The Boston Celtics might have lost the matchup, but it was worth it to have Bird for a leading scorer again.

Of course, I'm referring to second-year Jabari Bird, coming off a rookie two-way deal with the Celtics, and currently a restricted free agent.

He's certainly playing like a guy who wants a bigger paycheck, and I for one am certainly happy about the fact the Celtics will have a very good chance at retaining his services with the cap situation being what it is around the league.

Watch the videos above to see all the high points in last night's action, and none of the dull parts, well, save for the Denver Nuggets actually beating the Summer League Celtics 82-69. We've even thrown in a little analysis from the Cs themselves to make up for it.

OK, it doesn't make up for it, but it helps.

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Video: Boston Celtics/Ximo Pierto
Image: Bart Young/Getty
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