Video: Jaylen Brown playing pick-up games in Indonesia

Jaylen Brown has been finding ways to get on the court no matter where his offseason takes him.

And you can bet these guys in Indonesia will never forget a random NBA player showing up to their local park to play a game of pickup with them, either.

In the video, Jaylen looks like he's taking it a little easy on them, but that's probably not a bad idea. A lot of star players have clauses in their contracts forbidding the playing of pickup ball, mostly because the sloppy play and generally lower levels of skill lend themselves to potential injury in meaningless games.

Watch the video above for a look at Jaythoven's summer so far, at least a little of was spent putting smiles on faces on the opposite side of the globe we tend to see Brown on.

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Video: Irvine Kurniawan/YouTube
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